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Anodized Aluminum

These Vibrant Aluminum Tokens are Among the Most Colorful Custom Metal Coins Available

Anodizing is a bright, permanent color coating that can be applied to any aluminum coin. These colorful and lightweight coins are great for Mari Gras, Sweepstakes Games, and Parades. They are perfect for distinguishing different denominations, or to tie in product packaging or team colors. Our Anodized Aluminum coins and tokens come in four standard colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Gold. (Additional colors are available on request; however, we cannot provide exact matches). Any of our coins and tokens can be personalized with one of our 100+ stock designs or with the image of your choice.

Anodized Aluminum Coins and Tokens Pricing

Item # Size Gauge Quantity Pricing (with Per Token Prices Listed First)
1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 25,000
AN1-217 0.984" 16 $1.30 $0.61 $0.45 $0.39 $0.34
AN1-235 1-1/8" 16 $1.34 $0.62 $0.49 $0.42 $0.35
AN1-250 1-1/4" 16 $1.34 $0.62 $0.49 $0.42 $0.35
AN1-260 1-3/8" 16 $1.36 $0.67 $0.52 $0.45 $0.37
AN1-285 39mm 15 $1.39 $0.71 $0.55 $0.47 $0.42
AN1-290 39mm 12 $1.44 $0.83 $0.62 $0.53 $0.48
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Token Colors:
Blue, Gold, Green, and Red (Additional colors available on request; however, we cannot provide exact matches.)
Pricing Notes:
Coin prices are the same whether striking one or two sides (one die is needed per side).
Die Setup Charges:
Please see our Die Charges Page for prices on our die casting.
Normal Shipping:
4-5 weeks from receipt of camera-ready artwork.
To Order, Please Call 1-800-233-0828